1998-2005 – Times before Into my Houses

(TT’s point of view.) This is only a hard abstract, more details in Related bands -section (some day in the future…)

1998-1999 – Beginning (Snowfall/Sanitary)

Tomi Tupiini (gtr), Janne Ruohoniemi (gtr) (who has made all the post-production work for Into my Houses) and Jukka Hakkomäki (drums) begun ”playing” some random stuff during upper comprehensive school. After some time Juni Luoma (bass) joins the group and the first ”band”, Snowfall was formed. Since Snowfall was a reserved name, the band was renamed ”Sanitary” in the middle of the gig. The band started playing some miscellaneous covers and began to write some own material, which later formed the base for the foundation of Entrophia. Snowfall/Sanitary played couple of instrumental gigs and one with TT on vocals without any training, TT didn’t sing after this anymore.

Teenage booze-rampage (Entrophia 2000-2004, Imein Darg(or) 2001-2004, Blue steel 2003-2004)

In 2000 Tommi Niemi joins the group and Entrophia is founded (Niemi ended up as one of vocalists of Into my Houses). After 4 demos, several gigs, shitload of training and boozing TT, Ruohoniemi and Niemi departed Entrophia to form Ikinae in 2004. Before this they had also an acoustic side-project Blue steel, which made one demo. In 2001 TT started a first side project Imein Dargor (later Imein Darg) with Tommi Niemi and begun recording songs in home conditions. Imein Dargor was basically the very first step towards Into my Houses in 2001, Imein Dargor released two demos in the internet.


Entrophia 2003

Blue Steel - Promo6.jpg

Blue steel 2003


Imein Darg 2004

Turning mature? (2003-2010 Goathemy, 2004-2005 Ikinae)

In 2003 TT joins Goathemy as a bass-player, after one demo and two LP:s he leaves Goathemy in 2010. Female singer of Goathemy, Teija Ruohoniemi, ended up as one vocalist of Into my Houses. With Ikinae TT made one EP and one guest appearance, ways with Ikinae and TT departed in 2005.


Ikinae 2004

3.5.'07AnuH 160

Goathemy 2007

2006 Into my Houses founded

2006-2007 – Some forsaken ones

When ’Some forgotten ones’ (original title) was at the planning stage it was meant to be recorded for Imein Darg -project (with only one vocalist, Tommi Niemi). But at some stage the plan changed and TT decided to set up a new project which would include several vocalists, this was the moment when Into my Houses was found.

Project was found during spring 2006 and the original main idea was to re-arrange old, unreleased songs for performance of several vocalists. TT introduced the idea to his friends Tommi Niemi and Teija Ruohoniemi and they joined the project at summer 2006. The third singer, Jussi Virtala joined in at fall 2006 as a result of drunken shouting at the opening of study year. The main studio lineup hasn’t changed to this day.

The recordings started later at fall 2006 and finally (after shitload of problems) 1.9.2007 ”Some forsaken ones” was released. All songs were originally written to TT’s previous bands like Ikinae and Entrophia. The songs were recorded in a dirty student-box and the budget for this project, excluding the amount of consumed alcoholic beverages and cigarettes, was null. The mixing and the sound was arranged by Janne Ruohoniemi at his home studio.

Record included three ITMH-songs: ’RI’, ’Eu & thanatos’ and ’Song for someone’ plus (in some editions) two bonus-tracks. About 30 ’newspaper booklet edition’ versions and ’bout 30 ’second edition’ versions were printed.

There was meant to be also a fourth song called ’S.N.A.F.U. – Situation normal, all fucked up’, but it was dropped out because the recording process had already taken too much time and efford.

During the first release the second record was already at the planning stage.

Into my Houses 2007

Into my Houses 2007

2007-2008 – Some forsaken ones, part 2

The first ’Some forsaken ones’ was not supposed to be sent to any review-sites, because of the project’s null budget, but however at autumn 2007 it was sent to couple of sites for review and for everyone’s surprise it mainly got good grades. In addition the general feedback was so encouraging that an another EP was decided to release.

The second release was not supposed to be sequel and it was to include all new songs, but at some point the past song archives were opened once again and a straight sequel to ”Some forsaken ones” was decided to be made.

Recordings of the ”Some forsaken ones, part 2” were almost identical to the previous one: The budget remained null, and only a student apartment where recordings took place was different. The recordings started at autumn 2007 and ended at fall 2008. ”Some forsaken ones, part 2” was released 28.6.2008. Compared to part 1 the music was a little darker and rougher, once again the mixing and the sound was arranged by Janne Ruohoniemi at his home studio.

Part 2 included fours ITMH-songs (no bonus-tracks this time): ”Mental”, ”Mad, I’ll say, MAD!!!”, ”Jack” and ”The beauty of life”.

After releasing SFOPT2 there was no doubt that the project would be continued.

Into my Houses 2008

Into my Houses 2008

2009-2011 – Live + Working title ”Daymare”

Alongside of SFOPT2-recordings TT had made most of the first base compositions for the next ITMH-release which was worktitled as ’Daymare’. It would include five new songs and for the first time songs would be written straight to ITMH, not to any other band. Recordings started right after SFOPT2 was released, at that time there was no idea how long the process was going to take.

In 2009, alongside recording Daymare, we decided to try to take a great step forward and form a live line-up. Janne Ruohoniemi (gtr), Antti Väliniemi (bass) and Rami Rinne (drums) joined as an additional members to fill the line-up. Live line-up started a hard training and performed one private gig in new years eve 2009 in Seinäjoki, Finland. Tracklist for that gig was: ”Intro – Swan Lake”, ”RI”, ”Song for someone”, ”Mental”, *cigarette break*, ”Mad, I’ll say, MAD!!!”, ”Jack”, ”The beauty of life”. (We didn’t play Eu & thanatos because we didn’t have enough time to train it to smooth live form, that song is fucking hard to play.)

During the live line-up era the recording pace with studio line-up was really slow, there was also some planning to re-record both ”Some forsaken ones” with live line-up, but it never happened. During that time there were two songs in processing ’Pembury Nursery’ and ’Kazaandra’. The both songs were digitally pre-released in 2010 as a separate songs since it had been so long time after last release. This was the first time there was some outsourcing in the field of lyrics. Jussi Niinisalo from ”Dead Earth” assisted the project by writing the lyrics for ’Pembury Nursery’.

At some point the motivation for live line-up just came crushing down due to organizing rehearsals and a stagnant stage of the band. At the beginning we had really fun with this live stuff, but in 2011 TT decided to disband the live-project before it would turn just another bad memory. After this ITMH continued only as a studio project.

Exluding some songwriting, the whole Into my Houses -project goes practically frozen in 2011.

Into my Houses (Live, 2009)

Into my Houses (Live, 2009)



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