Wtf is Into my Houses?

Wtf is Into my Houses?

Into my Houses is a semi-strange musical project founded by instrumentalist/songwriter Tomi Tupiini in 2006.

Project was originally taglined as ”poor man’s metal opera”, because three vocalists were used and one of the main aspects was to go with zero budget.

All the songs have been recorded at different apartments and a drummachine has been used. All the post-production has been made by Janne Ruohoniemi in his home studio. The project has always been fully independent and the main idea has always been to be able to make anything without any restrictions. Every song has been free to download since the beginning of the project.

The music itself is based at Heavy Metal because of a long personal history with the genre. There is some progressive variety in songs but mainly by the means of several parts and the length of the tracks. Although the general atmosphere is quite dark, some kind of humour (usually dark) has been present with ITMH many times. Many references can also be found in most of the ITMH songs.

Into my Houses (since 2006) is:
Tomi Tupiini (electric + acoustic (nylon) gtr, bass, drumprogramming, voc)
Tommi Niemi (vocals)
Jussi Virtala (vocals)
Teija Ruohoniemi(vocals)

Additional acoustic (steel) guitars in Pembury Nursery and Kazaandra (2010) by Janne Ruohoniemi

Into my Houses 2010



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